Love being creative to solve some problems with an simple and elegant ways

From my Android experience

I participated in some interviews. And from time to time I noticed, that I don’t feel comfortable on them. Sometimes I had great interviews, where I received negative feedback, but still, I thought “Yeah, that’s fair. True. Understand”. But in rare scenarios, I had a wow-effect experience. And I thought…

Or how to write something when you just don’t know what to do :)

There are times. There are times in our lives when we don’t know what to say. When we think that we stopped in one place. Hell, like we not solving anything new. Actually nothing wrong with…

A simple alternative to having android independent code


In the last project, we used coroutines as a way of doing asynchronous jobs. We started at the beginning of 2019 and back then Kotlin Flow as the whole Channels were experimental feature.

But our goal was to move onto coroutines and minimize places without it:

  • Callbacks
  • Rx streams (or…

I noticed a good number of claps on one of my previous posts about kotlin utils, that we using in our project. I admit I gathered my favorites (except those I described earlier here, here, and here).

In this post, I will scrape together another bunch of utils. But this…

Or the difference between Shape and Material Shape

Sometimes some things work really strange. You think “Here it is, I know how to use it” and then boom, you have a bug. But the most annoying thing, when you have a tiny visual bug, that doesn’t affect functionality at all, that even doesn’t really noticeable at first glance…

Michael Spitsin

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