5 habits when you should revisit your skills

1. You always rewrite the project from the scratch after receiving it from the other team

2. You always start searching a library, when you need to solve some problem

You trying to apply your habit patterns everywhere instead of tackling problems individually

Example 1:

fun oneRpcMethod(args)

fun secondRpcMethod(args)

Example 2:

view.setOnClickListener { presenter.onSaveClick() }

fun onSaveClick() = interactor.save(data)

fun save(data: Data) = repository.save(data)

fun save(data: Data) = api.save(data)

4. You think that’s comments are redundant and code should be self-readable

* Doing something
fun doSomething()
* Returns time in milliseconds
fun currentTime(): Long
fun currentTimeMs(): Long
fun currentTimeMillis(): Long
fun currentTime(): Duration
spanSizeLookup = object : GridLayoutManager.SpanSizeLookup() {
override fun getSpanSize(position: Int): Int {
//magic formula to be able to display things like
// ________________________________________________________
//| | | |
//| | Item 3 | |
//| Item 1 |__________________| Item 5 |
//| | | |
//|__________________| |__________________|
//| | Item 4 | |
//| Item 2 | | Item 6 |
//with ratio 3:2 (bigger height to smaller height)
return SOMETHING_NEW_SPAN_COUNT / 2 + (position + 1) / 2 % 2

5. You commenting not working tests




Love being creative to solve some problems with an simple and elegant ways

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Michael Spitsin

Michael Spitsin

Love being creative to solve some problems with an simple and elegant ways

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